Auto Broker Offices........CONVENIENT LOCATION
$260 per month
Rent: $260 per month
Available Date: Thu Feb 01, 2018
Deposit: Equal to Month's rent
Minimum Lease: 1 yr with cancel clause
Utilities Included: yes
Additional Costs: phone
Property Location
2759 Delk Road
The Atrium at Delk
Marietta, GA 30067
Contact Information
Account Photo
Friedrich Matthies
Looking to get your auto brokers offices and need a properly zoned office....WE HAVE Offices FOR YOU!!

Are you looking for an economical office to get your auto dealer's license & start your auto broker business? We specialize in leasing to and assisting businessmen and women that are launching their own used car dealership or simply need a new and better location (and/or landlord).

To get your used motor vehicle license, you must find a properly zoned auto broker office! This is our specialty, so we are who you are looking for to help you get started!!! We have economical offices in NICE BUILDINGS in CONVENIENT & SAFE LOCATIONS designed just for auto brokers WITH A GREAT DEAL!!! We have one building in Cobb County and one building in Gwinnett County.

Call for a available offices as they lease VERY QUICKLY!!!

As of January 23 we have offices available in the price range of $260 to $285 at both of our buildings.... ......Because of our nice building, convenient location, our 11 years of experience specializing in the rental of offices to auto brokers and knowledge of the licensing process, our offices lease call today! 


One building is in Cobb County, located at
2759 Delk Road, Marietta GA 30067
about 1.5 miles north of I285 just off I75
Small Offices $260 to $275....Large2 Offices $285 to $350

The second building is in Gwinnett County, located at
4005 Wetherburn Way, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
right off Holcomb Bridge Road and Spalding Drive near Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Offices $265 to $285



Are you looking for an economical ADMINISTRATIVE office in a professional office building, as required to obtain your state auto broker's license? We have the perfect solution for you, a very conveniently located building that has all the zoning requirements that you need!!  Please call Friedrich at  770-912-5701

Please carefully read this entire ad, and we hope you can see from all this advice and information, you can see that we are VERY helpful in assisting you with your license and business. We have been leasing to auto brokers since 2007. We hope to have you as our tenant very soon! We are here to help you BEFORE you sign the lease, WHILE you are processing your license, and AFTER you have your license.......a DIFFERENT kind of landlord!!

When you apply for the state auto brokers license, you must get zoning approval from the local jurisdiction for the building where you are setting up your office. Most office buildings are not zoned properly for auto brokers, as they usually have a severely limited zoning of O&I. Our office building on Delk Road has the zoning of general commercial, meaning that auto brokers will have their zoning paperwork approved. For office availability, please call Friedrich at 770-912-5701

Many times you will see individual offices leased out, but if they are not separate suites, then they will not qualify, so beware of other Landlord promises.  If an office is inside a larger suite, then most likely that office is NOT qualified and does not have its own legal address, as offices CANNOT be shared with other business to get a dealer's license! Beware.  Before signing a lease anywhere, make sure the property is properly zoned so you can get a zoning certificate.  A mistake can be costly

Please call 770-912-5701 for availability, as these small functional offices designed for auto brokers usually lease very quickly when we have a vacancy!  Prices vary, but usually $260 to $275  for small offices and $285 to $350 per month for larger one room offices, utilities included, except phone and internet.  Our offices lease quicker than they become available!!   So call and make a decision!!!!!  Availabilities change rapidly.  Offices are usually leased before they are vacated!!!

CALL NOW at 770-912-5701!!

In all our auto broker offices, we provide a desk, chair, locking file cabinet, and a "compliance board" where you hang on the wall all required documents, your state license, your local business license, your state sales tax id certificate, your bond and your insurance. And we also have your signage made. Utilities, except phone and internet are included.

This location is northwest Atlanta 1.5 miles north of-285 and I-75, located at 2759 Delk Road, Marietta, GA  30067

The Atrium at Delk is a 52,000 square foot muliti-tenant office building that is especially designed to cater to small business requiring small office suites ranging in size from 50 to 1000 square feet. There are also larger suites in the building and the Landlord also has another 50,000 square foot building nearby with many larger suites.

The building is well maintained and features a 5000 sq ft two story tall atrium with tropical trees, tropical landscaping, a fountain, benches and tables. This features creates a beautiful and calming work environment, partially explaining why this building is almost always close to full!! Please see photos!

We also have an office building with the proper zoning in Gwinnett County near the intersection of Holcomb Bridge Road and Spalding Drive in the brand new city of Peachtree Corners (formerly unincoporated Gwinnett County with a Norcross address). 

The address is 4005 Wetherburn Way, Peachtree Corners, GA  30092  

Utilities are included. 

Please call Friedrich Matthies at 770-912-5701

We currently have dozens of auto brokers in both of our buildings and are very familiar with the process you have to go through.  We have been leasing to auto brokers since 2007. We can help you along with advice whether you lease from us or someone else, so call Friedrich at 770 912 5701.   We hope you realize all the information we are providing reflects our commitment to not only being your great Landlord, but also assisting auto brokers in any way possible and will help you decide who you rent from!

We would also like to give you other phone numbers of people and organizations can help you as well and hope you appreciate our helpfulness when choosing a Landlord...we are here for YOU

1). For insurance and a bond quote, call Chris Eels at 770 653 7808 (as an auto broker you will be required to have a bond and insurance. Inability to get a bond is the number one reason people cant get their license so get a quote before signing a lease! Use our address for the quote!)
Because of our great locations, you can expect insurance to be hundreds less than locations in DelKalb, Fulton, Clayton counties and cities within those counties.

You can also get an insurance and bond quote from Ron Widener at

2). For your relicensing seminar, go to

3). We can recommend a knowledgable private consultant who will do all the paperwork, insurance, bonding etc for a reasonable fee to get you license to make sure you correctly comply with all the required paperwork and submit a proper J.R. McCoy at 404-909-7770 for turn-key service! Time is money and he can process everything properly the first time!
4). We can also arrange phone service for you for $50 per month with NO long term contract. As you may know, you are required by the state licensing Board to maintain both your office and a landline phone service in order to keep your license. A phone, as depicted in one of the photos, will be furnished as well, so you dont even have to buy a phone!!! FREE wifi is included with the phone service.
5). We can also recommend legal place to store you vehicles. As you should know with this business model, you cannot store your vehicles at administrative offices unless the local jurisdiction ALSO zones the property for vehicle storage. Even if a Landlord tells you that you can, that doesnt mean it is legal, and you want to comply with all laws, or you will be fined and you could loose your license. You and your manager/salesman/employee may actually drive the first 2 or 3 vehicles from your place of business. After that, you simply have to find a place to store the vehicles. We can recommend places that may cost $35 to $45 per vehicle.
6). We also strongly recommend that you join GABA, the Georgia Auto Brokers Association, a non-profit association that has been formed to promote, defend and assist in compliance for the auto broker business model. There are some represented by large car dealers that are wanting to change the law require all dealers to rent a dealer lot. The government should NOT be in the business of choosing winners and losers, all legitimate business complying with the law should be allowed to stay in business. Help us keep it this way.
7). Before signing a lease anywhere, make sure the property is properly zoned so you can get a zoning certificate, secondly, if the office appears to inside another suite without a separate entrance, ASK about an occupancy permit. If you dont have an occupancy permit, your business is NOT legal, even if you temporarily get away with it. Ask the local county or city jusrisdiction, NOT the landlord! A mistake can be costly and we constantly get tenants that learned the hard way! Some jurisdictions may require you to also get a new occupancy permit, which may cost of up $500 to $600, such as in DeKalb & Fulton County!! Beware!

8).  You are also required to get fingerprinting and background check.  Ron Widener at 

We hope you can see from all this advice, you can see that we are VERY helpful in assisting you with your license and business. We hope to have you as our tenant very soon!  We are here to help you BEFORE signing the lease, WHILE you are processing your license, and AFTER you have your license and are our tenant.

Call Friedrich at 770 912 5701

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